RBL6090H laser engraving machine review from customer in Australia

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Update time : 2021-10-12 16:43:00
Australian customer Aimann wanna start a home business, After several monthes reseachment, she decided to purchase laser engraving machine from Rainbow company. because She contacted a local company which had bought Rainbow laser engraving machine last year and got great reviews of Rainbow laser machine from the company.

After 25 days shipment, Aimann received her RBL6090H laser engraving machine, She is very excited and very happy to share her machine photos with us.

Aimann was not very good at machine operations, But she operated the machine masterly after patient supporting from Rainbow engineers. And she is glad to share her laser engraving and cutting works with us. She is planning to purchase a Rainbow UV printer from our company again to extand her business.

We are so happy to work with Aimann, we'd like all of our customers love our machines and be able to make amazing works with our supporting.