Rainbow embroidery machine: Machine unpacking and installation tutorial
Rainbow engineers show you how to unpack and install Rainbow embroidery machine when you receive your new Rainbow embroidery machine. Machine stand installation, winding and threading in needles, bobbin installation all in the video.
Rainbow embroidery machine: Garment hoops operation tutorial
There are variouse size garment hoops for embroidery, Please check here if you don't know how to use the hoops for garment or clothes embroidering. Rainbow engineer team guide you how to load garment hoops and how to operate on control panel.
Rainbow embroidery machine: Cap attachmet operation tutorial
Rainbow technical team show you how to use cap attachment on Rainbow embroidery machine, and guide you operation of control screen when you want to embroider caps. Get in touch with us if you have any question of cap embroidery.
Rainbow embroidery machine: flat embroidering frame operation tutorial
Rainbow engineer team show you how to use flat embroidering frame of Rainbow embroidery machine. Feel free to let us know if you have any question about Rainbow embroidery machine installation or operation. We are glad to help you:)
Rainbow embroidery machine: Winding machine operation tutorial
Don't worry if your thread of bobbin was used up. Winding machine will help you to wind threads on bobbin quickly:) Rainbow engineer team show you how to use winding machine.
Rainbow embroidery machine maintenance: Add lubricating oil
Rainbow embroidery machine is very easy to maintain. Lubricating oil tank will supply oil to machine head automatically. Rainbow engineer team show you how to do maintenance for Rainbow embroidery machine.
Rainbow Embroidery Machine: Dahao EmCAD embroidery digitizing software tutorial
The video guide you to process an embroidery pattern within JPG or PNG etc bitmaps format. Demonstration of basic functions of Dahao Emcad embroidery design software. If you want to use vectorgraph to make embroidery patteerns, please check this video:
Rainbow Embroidery Machine: digitizing tutorial & hairy fabric embroidery tutorial
Rainbow team received a sample order from customer in Tunisia. The customer sent hairy fabric to Rainbow Shanghai office and need an embroidery sample on the fabric. Rainbow team recoded whole process of making the sample by this video. From digitizing to finishing the sample. Share the processing with you guys, hope the video is helpful to you on digitizing and hairy fabric embroidering.
Rainbow embroidery machine: applique cutting and embroidering operation tutorial
From digitalize embroidery pattern to finish applique cutting and embroidering work. Rainbow technical team will show you (1) how to cut patches by Rainbow laser machine, (2) how to do applique embroidery works by Rainbow embroidery machine, (3) how to use Ruida software to cut applique, (4) how to use EmCAD software to digitalize embroidery patterns.
You will learn much from the tutorial video. Any question feel free to get in touch with us:)
Rainbow embroidery machine: Threads tension testing and adjustment tutorial
How to adjust threads tension of embroidery machine? This video will help you a lot if you were confused by this question. Rainbow technical support team show you how to make a testing pattern by EmCAD and how to adjust threads tension according testing result.
Rainbow Embroidery Machine: Adding new hoops & 8 in 1 magnetic hoop operation tutorial
If you ordered some new magnetic garment hoops, but don't know how to add their parameters into embroidery machine system, Please check out here:)
Any regular shapes garment hoops can be added into Rainbow embroidery machine system. Machine will stop and raise alarm automatically when working needle too close to hoop edge if you added hoops' parameters into system. That will avoid needle hit hoop or frame effectively!
Any question feel free to let us know, we are glad to help you:)
Rainbow embroidery machine: Ethernet cable LAN connection tutorial
Rainbow embroidery machine can be connected with computer by ethernet cable. Then you will no need to copy patterns to machine from computer by USB disk. Patterns can be transferred to Rainbow embroidery machine from computer directly.
Rainbow embroidery machine: Sock device & monogram embroidery tutorial
The video guide you how to use sock embroidery device on Rainbow embroidery machine, and how to create monogram embroidery patterns by Rainbow embroidery machine. Any question feel free to contact with Rainbow team
Rainbow embroidery machine: Shoes embroidery tutorial
Rainbow engineer team took this video to show you how to use shoes embroidery device on Rainbow embroidery machine. The device can be used for shoes, belt, straw hat etc irregular products embroidering.
Rainbow Embroidery Machine: Pocket device & hat side embroidery tutorial
This video is helpful if you are going to embroider on side of hats. Also the pocket embroidery device can be used for sleeve, pocket and others.
Rainbow embroidery machine: Sequin device operation tutorial
Don't worry if you have Rainbow embroidery machine attached sequin embroidering device. Rainbow technical team guide you how to load sequins and how to operate sequin device. Various size sequins (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm and 9mm) all can be embroidered by Rainbow embroidery machine and sequin attachment.
Rainbow Embroidery Machine: Replace needle tutorial
If your embroidery machine needle break accidentally or you want to change to other thickness needles. Rainbow engineer team took the video to show you how to replace the needle.
RainbowEmb™ Digitizing Tutorial: letters logo digitization
If you don't have vector design or high resolution bitmap for digitizing, Don't worry, it's no problem. Rainbow engineer team show you how to digitize letters logo pattern on jpg image manually. Any question about embroidery machines and digitization, feel free to get in touch with us. We are glad to support.
Rainbow Embroidery Machine Flat Embroidery Work, Golden Fish Embroidery.
Close to 30k stitches golden fish embroidery work was made by Rainbow embroidery machine without any thread broken. Get in touch with us for more amazing embroidering videos:)
Rainbow single head embroidery machine, hat embroidery works
Rainbow embroidery machine did a wolf head embroidery work on cap, It is 3 in 1 embroidery machine which comes with cap attachment, various size garment hoops and flat embroidery table. Any textile products can be embroidered easliy, Get in touch with us for more information:)
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