Rainbow embroidery machine feedback from Italian customer

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Update time : 2023-05-06 15:30:28
Stefania is a talented designer from Italy, Her designs are about a story in woods. Many cute animals were designed to kid's pillows and clothes. and embroidered by Rainbow embroidery machine.
Before that, Rainbow engineers team provided perfect technical assistance to Stefania, and helped her to improve parameters on Rainbow embroidery machine and digitizing software. Finally Stefania achieved amazing embroidery works. She is very happy with Rainbow embroidery machine and the support from Rainbow team. We are so glad that our customer did such nice embroidery crafts by Rainbow embroidery machine. Wish her business better and better.

Thanks to Stefania, She took a video to share her purchasing experience. hope it can help someone who is going to start embroidery business.

It is Italian language in the video,  Let's translate to English for you:
(È la lingua italiana nel video, traduciamo in inglese per te:)
hi I am Stefania from La Stanza Nel Bosco and I create these beautiful pillows with my Rainbow, I got a 12 needle single head and I am very happy with how it works. I also create pajamas where I embroider colorful mixed things and I am really happy because it works very well in detail. I having a Macintosh computer did not get the software that they offer with the machine and I continued to use the one I was using previously and the files are read just fine and there are no problems. Exactly the machine works really well I was not at all an expert but Rainbow's support was very useful to me because they answered any questions even maybe not specific to the machine THEY were really helpful in whatever it is for editing and they made up videos of how to thread the machine of how to use it etc. I am really happy, the shipping took a while, it took a month and a half almost but it may have been a delay due the Chinese New Year. What to say. It works really well and I am really happy so much that I think that to buy another one soon. The thing I really liked about it, doing these very large things myself, is the flat frame that has a very wide range for embroidery , about a 40 × 60 cm . I can make pillows of a certain size in fact using this often I asked them to send me a second frame so while I embroider on this one I prepare the other frame and it is all very fast. I am really very pleased with the purchase and really recommend it to everyone! The costs of the machines here are prohibitive and I find this to be a very good product.

We'd like share her designs and embroidery works, If anyone interested in the cute pillows and clothes for your baby, Please get in touch with her on Facebook by this link: